"Having a dissertation coach gives me laser focus. With my coach, I instantly stopped over-thinking the process  and the writing process  was made approachable.

Dr. Vetter did this by consistently discussing goals and anticipated outcomes with strict deadlines with me. She then gave me a game plan to do it one chunk at a time. The value add is having a trusted source for help along the way. I never wasted time trying to figure something out by myself. 

I was forced to leave overwhelmed feelings at the door and meet my goals because my coach was depending on me (and always watching!)

I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Vetter. I highly recommend having a coach to guide you through this process." 

~ Dissertation Coaching Client

"My coaching experience with Dissertation Doctors and my coach, Dr. Vetter, has helped me navigate the doctoral journey. My biggest takeaway through this part of the journey has been the "mindset change" and organizational skills I have learned. Not only has the coaching helped me academically, but her strategies have supported me in my professional and personal life. My personal and professional life have greatly benefited from the coaching experience. "

~ Monthly Doctoral Member


"I am so grateful for the help that Veronica gave me! I was so anxious about the whole grad school application process and she has been so great! She helped transform my application essays into refined academic writing that conveys my goals. I appreciate that not only is she great at editing, but she really was kind and supportive. I felt like I had a friend that also was a fantastic editor! She also shared resources with me about things that are the “kiss of death” to grad applications and information on how to edit a piece down to a required word count. I cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to working with you again when I am ready to write the dissertation!"

~Doctoral Essays & Writing Tutorial Client




"Dr. Vetter has been an absolute blessing. She has high expectations and does not allow anyone to make excuses or be complacent. She is positive, energetic, and supportive. Dr. Vetter helped me make progress while not compromising the integrity of my research. I finally feel excited about my dissertation after a couple years of struggling. I now feel the finish line is much closer than it once was for me. I am very grateful for everything we have accomplished together in a couple of months. I regret not seeking out Dissertation Doctors sooner! "

~Dissertation Coaching Client

"Dr. Vetter provides constant insight into how to prepare to write my dissertation. She showed me how to navigate research easily. Dr. Vetter helped me to work smarter and not harder. She is very detailed and thorough and has a time-management schedule you must follow to meet deadlines. Dr. Vetter is interested in her clients' successes. She keeps in constant contact and holds you accountable for writing because sometimes I do not want to write. I recommend Dr. Vetter to anyone writing their thesis or dissertation. She is highly motivated and extremely positive and will be your number one supporter." 

~Dissertation Coaching Client

"Dr. V. and the DD team are amazing! Prior to working with them, I felt semi prepared to tackle my dissertation. I've learned so much about the dissertation process and my writing confidence has been boosted. Choosing to work with Dr. V. and her team is one of the best decisions I've made during this doctoral journey." 

~ Dissertation Coaching Client