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Benefits of Our Services

Save Time

Save time by getting the support you need early in your program.

We provide support as you go. This approach will save you time and frustration.


Personalized Plans

We understand everyone has different needs.

That's why we create personalized plans that will fit your lifestyle, graduate program, and graduation goals. 

Do you need support to help you get organized in your program and feel less stressed?


Save Money

A common mistake most graduate students make is waiting until the end of their program to get help.

Save money by getting the support you need early. We edit as you go. 

Are you looking for a great deal, quality service, and qualified professionals?


We transform the writer and their writing by moving graduate students beyond information to transformation.


Our Services

Dissertation Editing Consulting Sessions

This editing and proofreading service has been designed to help you prepare a high-quality dissertation that you can submit to the university of your choice with assurance and certainty. 

We create packages based on your study and needs. Can you benefit from this help?

I can definitely use help!

Dissertation Coaching Consulting Sessions

This service is designed to help you get to the finish line successfully.  We create individualized plans, create realistic work plans, increase accountability, and effectively help you overcome internal and external barriers that students experience on the path to earning a doctoral or master's degree. 

We take the guesswork out of your "writing path" and make writing your dissertation manageable so that you can be successful.

I need help!

Doctoral Monthly Member

This service is ideal for students who struggle with writing in general, whether writing a class paper or a dissertation.

The help you receive is throughout your program! We even support you through your courses.

I need this!

"Dr. Vetter, I would like to thank you for standing by my side. You told me you would go all the way to the end with me, and you did. You are truly amazing, you are knowledgeable, and you are very well skilled in your gift. You are truly a servant leader, and you want the best for all the lives you touch. Thank you so much; I appreciate you!"

Doctoral Legend-Level Client (Houston, TX)

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